Sunday, December 13, 2009


This record has just come to my attention as recently as a month ago or so, just from clicking around from website to website. At the time I was looking for something but this caught my attention and I can't honestly say I know (or care) what I was even looking for originally. This record is amazing. This self-titled record is the band's only album and original copies of this album go for vulgar amounts of money these days although there was a CD issued and more recently, an LP reissue. The members of this band were previously in the more successful D.C. area band The Diplomats, and I can't honestly say why this shit didn't take off. I'm a recently turned fan of this material so I haven't got much info or nostalgia to offer on it like most of my posts here, but the internet also hasn't got much to say on 'em. The lack of a back story here is irrelevant, though. You just really need to hear this record.

Tracks here have been sampled on tunes by some well-known hip hop artists and that flaccid bad haircut euro industrial techno band Prodigy, too.

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