Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The Quick were from L.A. in the mid 70's. Their only album, "Mondo Deco", came out in 1976 and has never been released on CD or reissued on vinyl. They were influenced by British 60's bands, the sound of the album shows more of The Move than it does of The Beatles or The Kinks, though. And Sparks, who's guitarist actually produced their album. This is a pretty under appreciated and all but forgotten gem even in today's world where every single person has heard of everything and all the pansified music "experts" prancing around on the internet have hit maximum saturation. It's hard for me to really wrap my head around how this record has escaped a reissue on CD or vinyl given the said amount of collector pervs out there, especially those with enough dough to back a label. And there are PLENTY. Lots of other bands of this ilk are retroactively getting their 15 minutes, but I suppose The Quick aren't quite as obscure as Milk & Cookies and others who have recently gotten the re-ish treatment. But hey, that's why I'm glad to live in the internet age and I'm hoping you are too.

Like Milk & Cookies, though... The Quick occasionally push their wimpy exhuberance to a point that is close to being too effeminate for me. Also like Milk & Cookies, the bright spots more than make up for it.



  1. This may be the wimpiest thing I've ever heard. Then again I'm a punk/hardcore by numbers guy so my opinion don't mean much.

    Keep up with the variety though, it's all interesting and new to me.

  2. Radio Heartbeat has just re-issued Mondo Deco on LP. An extended CD re-issue is in the works!

  3. I ordered the Radio Heartbeat version. Paid them via Paypal. Never received the order. Tried to email them. No response. They stole my money.