Sunday, September 6, 2009


The first time I heard this band was in 1998 when I was a junior in high school. I went to hang out with my friend Eric and he was listening to a mix tape his girlfriend made for him, sounds pretty cliche but it's true. Most of the other stuff on there must not have grabbed me, I don't remember it now. The emo revolution had not yet tricked all the losers in my school into thinking they would somehow be more mature if they listened to bland college rock with fake deep lyrics and lots of baby blue on the cover of the album. But it would fool me too. You hear something you love and you just want more of it, that's how everyone gets into new kinds of music. But one day you realize "Wait a second... Cap'n Jazz actually kinda sucks." and you're left only still really liking the cream of the crop of that kinda stuff. That's Knapsack. Melodic "post-hardcore" or whatever you wanna call it. These guys could just write a good song, man. This band was great. Whenever I felt like listening to Knapsack in the last few years I'd almost always put on their last album "This Conversation is Ending Starting Right Now" and I was listening to 'em pretty obsessively a month ago and thought I'd put this one on. It had been so long since I heard it that I almost forgot what the songs sound like, it knocked me out all over again.



  1. Such a great band and vastly superior to blair's post knapsack band, the jealous sound

  2. yeah that band was disappointing. that guy just can't come up with a good band name, either.

  3. I think Jealous Sound are great. It's a lot more hopeful. Certainly not as abrasive as Knapsack.

    I always thought this album had their best songs. Like 'courage was confused.' After getting that song thoroughly stuck in my head, I went around singing "sounds goooood. sounds alllry-hight" over and over. It even got stuck in my friend's head and he had never heard the song. That's what I call a damn fine hook.