Monday, September 7, 2009


As you know, The Beatles entire discography has recently been treated to a sorely needed remastering and in two days they're gonna drop 'em on us. The versions available now are the same ones that have been around since their original CD release in 1987. And as you know, the 80's were the shittiest decade for music when everyone in the music industry was a complete retard, especially the people doing the post production. Now I'm obviously not saying music has gotten any better, but technology has. So thank God we're gonna get our mitts on those, somebody tell that grizzled old crank Neil Young that he'd better get to work on remastering Harvest next. That CD sounds like fucking garbage. But I digress...

The whole Beatles discography IS getting rereleased. But this is not included because it is obviously not one of their albums. This is the recording The Beatles did while auditioning for Decca. Those thirsty for details would probably prefer the coverage on The Beatles wikipedia page to my half informed, willfully ignorant, and over opinionated ramblings. There is also a wikipedia page dedicated solely to the Decca audition here. They'll give you the details without going off on a tangent about any unrelated bands, the service at Small Bar, or accidentally buying creamy peanut butter instead of crunchy.

You got a snapshot of The Beatles here right after Stuart Sutcliffe left the group and Paul McCartney switched to bass. And Pete Best on drums, he would get replaced by Ringo Starr only a few months later. They call Pete Best the unluckiest guy in the world 'cuz he got fired from The Beatles but I think that nickname started when his best friend (and Beatles busdriver) started banging his mom. That sucks. I'm sure whichever suit it was at Decca who decided to pass on The Beatles is the real unluckiest guy in the world though, I mean you gotta feel like a real fuckin' idiot. The band they chose to sign instead was The Tremeloes, but I'll get to them later.


They auditioned with 15 songs and there is 21 represented here, how could a record documenting a sole, specific session consisting of 15 songs possibly have any material to supplement it? Yeah, it doesn't make sense, but what're you gonna do? Complain about it? I dunno where it came from either, look it up for yourself... whaddaya want me to wipe yer ass for ya too?! Jeezus.

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