Wednesday, August 26, 2009


When this tape came out in 2004, a small group of crotchety old grouch punks shook their fists together in unison to show their disapproval. The backlash happened before the hype. (and, at least in Chicago, it didn't seem like there really was that much hype anyway.) These grumps alleged that other, similar old grouchy pudwhackers who'd outgrown their juvenile interest in punk rock in favor of more "mature" musical offerings were all championing WRANGLER BRUTES to make themselves feel like they still had an interest in punk rock. Seemed kind of petty to me then and it seems REALLY petty now when you compare them to Fucked Up. (I like Fucked Up, too.)

Anyway, Wrangler Brutes was composed of members of Born Against, Men's Recovery Project, Monorchid, Skull Kontrol, Nazti Skinz, Universal Order of Armageddon, and Young Pioneers. I saw 'em twice and they put on a great fucking show. Great tunes, great, really funny lyrics, fabulous McPheeters artwork... Fake, really negative record reviews, fake photographs. This band ruled. An old band of mine opened for them on their 2nd tour and Sam McPheeters told me he really liked us, I didn't care whether he was lying just to be polite or not... I was on cloud nine.

Years later I would hear a radio interview where he said he was never wowed by any band on their last tour and didn't really like any of it and was getting sick of music etc., confirming my suspicions. However, sorry Sam. What has said cannot be unsaid. Your taste will be forever tainted when I tell my grandchildren about the time Born Against said my band was good.

I played this tape so many fucking times in my shitty dodge neon on my way to and from schaumberg that it eventually broke and began playing backwards. it has since then enjoyed a number of different vinyl releases, one of which I have thankfully picked up. But I am pretty sure the well has dried up. Check it.

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  1. When I spoke to Sam about the Wrangler Brutes tour he said he wasn't blown away by any bands enough to make note of who they were but he liked almost every band they played with.