Saturday, September 5, 2009


I first saw this band at the Fireside Bowl, too. I wasn't particularly interested in seeing any of the bands playing and I'd never heard of Suicide Note. I drove out early from the 'burbs with a few of my friends so we could go record shopping at get some food someplace before the show and somehow we ended up getting lost. I'm starting to feel pretty encumbered behind the wheel of a car, trying to get to a show to see bands I had no interest in seeing, and really no idea how to even get there. I knew just how to get home, though... And I was at that time feeling a much more burdensome weight from a long-distance relationship I was in with a girl who was at once demanding I call her on the phone and pleading me to go out with my friends if I want instead. So basically our conversations at this point were circular ones about whether or not I should go out or stay in and I knew that was what was waiting for me if I went home. So it didn't take much pleading from my friends to keep me from turning back around and we made it eventually.

And before the torturously boring hardcore of Reach The Sky and the somewhat more enjoyable but no less pointless Bane took the stage, this band that I was unaware of went on. Suicide Note.

Relatively normal-looking guys, I watch the singer most of the time as he spits and drools and blows his nose all over himself while they banged out some pretty disillusioned, frustrated tunes that, despite some contemporary hardcore trappings had more to do with The Jesus Lizard and Nirvana than any of that terrible metalcore garbage ferret records (the label that released this album) was putting out. Still, they're a hardcore band... had they waited a few more years they could've easily caught the Pissed Jeans wave. Suicide Note seems to have a very similar vibe.

This band is 3/4 of the 90's metalcore act Failsafe who I have never heard but I can only assume they sucked.

But enough's enough. Here ya go.


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  1. Great and underappreciated band, does anyone have the Too Sick To Dance (forever fucked) album?