Thursday, August 20, 2009


I saw this band for the first time on accident at the Fireside Bowl in, what I'm guessing, was 2000? I can't remember what band I was going to see, I think maybe the (at the time) Clash/Gang of Four worshiping Radio 4 (pretty good, went on to be rather horrible... but hey, whatever.) The point is, Selby Tigers opened up for whoever it was and I no longer cared about who I'd gone to see. The sparkling vintage guitars and amps, equally flashy vintage clothes, a girl wearing a beehive wig, the bass player constantly pretending to be (as their wikipedia entry so perfectly puts it) "the loveably clueless, stereotypical Frenchman Sammy G", wearing a leopard print scarf and light blue jumpsuit. I don't wanna bog this entry down with talk about what eras and genres the Selby Tigers were aping but I will summerize it by saying that it was as accurately and tastefully done as their previously mentioned clothes and gear. They sounded like a contemporary garage punk band that was inspired more by the B-52's than almost anything else. In their attitude, lyrics, and music.

I saw this band at every given opportunity until they broke up. They're all doing other shit now. The guitar players of the band were married during the time of the band but I was quite disheartened to hear they had a pretty messy dramatic divorce. But I can honestly say that I can count the number of good albums Hopeless Records has put out on one hand and what I am posting about here accounts for two of them. (the others are by Dillinger Four and Scared Of Chaka for those keeping score.) So I hope that you can get down with this shit if you're not already. You can probably still buy the CD's from Hopeless and I'm sure find the LP's in a used bin on the cheap someplace. And when you do, it will be a great find.

this is both LP's


  1. Another underrated Hopeless Records release - Digger's "Powerbait."

  2. i realized that after i posted this. i am going to make a post about that one, too. might be nostalgia but that's one of my favorite 90's pop punk albums!