Thursday, August 20, 2009


This is one helluva record. The guitar and bass player were in Lake of Dracula and the drummer, Mario Rubalcaba has been in 1,000 great bands. Sea Of Tombs is probably the most nebulous of them all. They got together to hang out I guess, talked about jamming and talked about what they'd been listening to lately. (Which I read online someplace that Blue Cheer was unanimous, although this album seems to ape Sabbath way harder.) So they recorded these 6 songs on this here LP. Six... looooooooooooooooooooooooooong songs that is, after all, this is stonger rock we're talking about. And according to a source on the web they only managed to play one show during their time together and it wasn't even here it was in Michigan someplace.

Mario left back to San Diego to join Rocket From The Crypt and that, unfortunately for Sea Of Tombs but not for RFTC, was the end of the band. I didn't know any of that until today while I was scouring the internet for this record but I bought this album right around the time it came out (which, according again to the internet was 9/11/01) and I have loved it, championed it, and recommended it at every given opportunity. So, continuing in that trend... I am offering it to you greedy vultures right here on my blog. Think a dirtier recording of the first two Black Sabbath albums but without vocals. This record is really, really good.

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