Friday, August 28, 2009


(like you don't know,) PUNCH IN THE FACE were a Chicago hardcore band that lasted from 2001-07. They were mostly active during the years at which my interest in contemporary hardcore was at it's peak, this band was truly first-rate, separated by the hardcore classics by decades and releasing 2 7" e.p.s, a slew of compilation tracks, and a long awaited album that rank amongst the finest raging hardcore punk tunes ever commited to wax. Around the same time many of my friends stopped going to hardcore shows I found it somewhat difficult to make it out to them myself. I had less people to go out with and less people to let me know what was going on, so I missed out on a lot of shows that I might otherwise have gone to see, but I would go see PITF whenever I got the chance. And at that time, they were beginning to play less and less.

This band meant a lot to me, their lyrics spoke to me, and their music was as pissed off about the shit they were yelling about as I was about it, too. I never considered myself a part of the hardcore scene... But I imagine that's the way they feel about stuff they like. I fucking love Punch In The Face.

2002 demo:

first 7"

Dumb Hardcore E.P.

Their Lengua Armada LP is still available and if you like hardcore and don't have it you're kind of an idiot, remedy that by picking it up.

(insert the chorus to "my dear, i haven't learned a thing" here.)


  1. For some unknown and stupid reason I slept on these guys for way too long and until recently only had MP3 rips of these two 7"s. Luckily a buddy of mine purged his collection and I picked them both up for $10; I think the fact that he's in Ohio meant he didn't know the Reckless pricing guide for them, thankfully.

    Also, my verification word for this comment was DOPER. Awesome.

  2. best chicago hardcore band of my time in hardcore. better than many who predated them. i wore a PITF t-shirt yesterday

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  4. Track 8 on the first 7inch "my dear i haven't learned a thing"...this is the only song that plays in my head when i go out a hardcore show in chicago now a days...