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At the moment, it seems as if The Nerves are more recognizable than The Plimsouls due to the recent release of an LP compiling their only released recording, a 7" EP Supplemented with demos, and unreleased material. This record has since come to be considered a power-pop classic, by the people who decide that kind of shit I guess. Whereas The Plimsouls, a band who have seemed to fade away from our collective memories made a bigger splash in their day with their 3rd single "A Million Miles Away". It was picked up for play by Rodney Bingenheimer on KROQ and later included (along with the band) in the movie Valley Girl.

The Nerves were around in L.A. from 1975-78, obviously since you have access to the internet like the rest of us you already know that their claim to fame is inspiring Blondie to cover their tune "Hangin' on the Telephone" and I've made this double-post because Peter Case played in both bands. The Plimsouls existed between 1978-83 and had roughly the same idea as The Nerves but a bit more fully realized and refined. But they weren't the only band to come from the demise of The Nerves, Jack Lee went on to a successful career as a songwriter and solo artist. Paul Collins went on to form The Beat, and Peter Case ended the Plimsouls for his own solo career.

Both of these bands are represented on the great early-mid 90's Rhino Records power pop comps which you should look into.

The Nerves E.P. (1976)

The Plimsouls - A Million Miles Away (1982)

Coincidentally, the blog Power Pop Criminals just posted the only demo recordings of the post-Nerves band The Breakaways, featuring Paul Collins and Peter Case. It's a great blog. Check it out.

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