Friday, September 4, 2009


It's Friday night, 11:25 P.M. and I'm at home alone drinking beer and watching some pretty mundane stuff on cable. I wanna go out but I'm halfway coming down with a cold and I'm pretty tired, but the other half of me is still hopped up on coffee from earlier and really wants to go out. So really I'm awake doing nothing instead of doing either of the things I really wanna do. Experiencing the benefits of neither and the detriments of both. What better time to blog a PISSED JEANS record? For my money, PISSED JEANS are the best band around right now. (I'm broke, by the way.)

They have transcended this recording with their subsequent releases but this, their first 7" and demo, is what originally got me hooked. They came from a hardcore background so that's what I filed 'em under at first, and I got this record during a period of time where I was pretty far removed from hardcore and the "hardcore scene" and I was pretty fucking sick of it, too. But I was way, waaaaaaaay into this (and the STREET TRASH 7"s, too) It spoke to me. The music and lyrics are equally disconcerting and perturbed, but ultimately comforting. I don't know if this is universally true but it's true for me. I love PISSED JEANS, and if that makes me a lunatic, so be it.

This band is from Allentown, PA which I have heard is like the Joliet of Pennsylvania. I have also heard from my friend Ryan that a girl from Allentown who had no idea who Pissed Jeans are or where they're from described them upon listening to them for the first time as "What living in Allentown sounds like." I've never been there, but I've been to Joliet and that's probably pretty close to the truth.


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