Sunday, August 16, 2009


DETENTION's 1983 single "DEAD ROCK 'N ROLLERS" never gets old to me. I imagine if I was older than 1 year old in 1983 this was a record I'd have been flipping this single over and over again. However, I obviously first heard this band on Killed By Death #2 which I don't mind saying is one of my favorite punk compilations ever. That being the case, I do get a little let down at the end of "Dead Rock 'n Rollers" when it goes into "El Salvador" instead of The Eat's "Communist Radio". Not to say that El Salvador is a bad tune, not many songs could match DEAD ROCK 'N ROLLERS...

Nobody really reads this shit anyway, you vultures are only here for the link, which is just as well. Let the music of these deranged Jersey mutants do the talking.


  1. yeah, i get this like a PR snide social commentary in the vein of Jim Caroll that references Jim Carroll...

  2. you have to admit that it takes balls to plead a famous guy to kill himself in the lyrics of a song and commit it to vinyl for all eternity.

  3. haha, yeah but that's an easy target, Jim Carroll was already killing himself with Heroin...Now if he were to say Trent Reznor, there's a guy to call out; all this bullshit 'needle tears a hole' Bullshit